Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

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My girlfriend and I went to A metro-PCs store yesterday and opened 5 new lines. And we pi led 2 phones that where stated at $90 each on new lines. And choose 2 phones that where stated as free with new line and was told that the 5th line didn’t get to recieve such discounts so he managed to find a few phones that where demo phones in the back and we got to choose which one we wanted for free. Cause choose a free new phone would cost us the full price since it’s the 5th phone line and doesn’t have the discounts applied. So in my brain I said to myself so $15 activation per line. = $75 plus the two $90 phones =180+75=255 now we where told we would have to pay for the first month, pre-paid service… ok so $150 for one month total =$405. Since we had such a large order and stuff he told us he would throw in some bonuses like cases, screen protectors, even travel kits 3 he added to our pile of free stuff, the travel kits he claimed them to be $100 each. We where told it would be about $800-900. After talking about it and almost walking out we really wanted to simplify our phone Bill’s so we did it even though it was higher priced then it should be, after all the over all price per month is lower in the long run, so we have him a debit card and we got the phones and stuff,We got a tiny receipt. After wards we went to a late lunch and where discussing why it was so expensive for the new phones and couldnt figure it out. So we start looking on the phones for more info. The account says paid in cash and we have a $237.70 payment towards our account. We checked with the bank and well $815 was missing… does this sound like fraud and or lies. Does to me we think he pocket about $300.

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I’d like to see the person responsible held responsible. And damages done be forwarded. I wonder how many others have been scammed. Full class action law suite with investigation.

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