Wells Fargo Locked My Account

Wells Fargo Locked My Account

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It started in 2008 I was given a mortgage loan by wells Fargo that after learning the loan and the way it was handled over time became more clearer that predatory lending was somthing I honestly am just reasently learning about. Due to circumstances I’m currently going through not exactly related to the wells Fargo mortgage but similar I started looking into the loan wells Fargo closed on and the fact that its negatively reporting on my credit report. And this is where the claim becomes interesting and unresolved. I made all my payments on time. From 2008 until 2015 never any late payments in fact I paid extra on the loan most of the payments I made. Another important thing to note is i made a majority of those payments at the local bank here in crestview fl at the drive through window and sent the payments inside to the teller and they would send out a receipt its important to note that the receipt is small I mean like 2inx2in small literally. This is when and where in I believe it to be April May June July and Aug the payments that were being made and I haven’t located the actual receipt but I do have them as I became aware of this that same year around Nov 2015 and specifically made note of this. At this time I was going through a nasty separation along with after spending 45 days in jail and being forced out of my home by authority’s. One can only imagine this happening never have been in any troubles or jail in my life. Until aug 03 2015 . Very important day in my life but that’s another story for another time. I believe right before this date my wells Fargo chking account was stripped of approximately $2800 I remember spending three days off and on back and forth with well fargo trying to find out what happened to my money. This is when I over the phone out of town needed my money in order to do what I had planned in Pensacola and this with Customers services made me aware of a line of credit I had and knew nothing about. Well long story short they made my account back to a positive only enough to get it back in the clear. Keep in mind this is late and over the phone. And they still haven’t told me what happened to the $2800 they dont know according to the agents I spoke with determined to find out what happened to my funds that just vanished I hope they have records of this and the facts I’m describing is exactly the way it turned out the after contacting the bank again the following business day. I learned that the mortgage loan that I had faithfully keep current up until this time. Was no longer at the normal banking it was now in the recovery department of the banking system and no payments had been made or insurance proof available so at this point the bank had purchased insurance that had accrued a significant amount of funds. So this was the explanation for the missing money from my crown banking account that within the mortgage clos in fine print they were allowed to legally take my money and apply it to the outrageously and most absurd thing I had ever heard. I’m in frantic mode I’m learning of all this and my personal life is at a all time low with everything that was taking place .it only got worst and my perfect credit score i work so many years to establish and utilize i thought. Was about to be ruined by some real thieves and that’s exactly what happened.in 2016 I began to understand what identity theft was. And how for the last several years it destroyed my financial resources and everything I had work for was up for grabs. Please understand there is interesting evidence and facts that give great weight to everything stated. It’s taken me this long to figure out and finally I’m ready I think to pursue what well fago has contributed and I want to finish before I get to far ahead of myself. The last 5 or 6 payments I made at the teller window wasn’t even going to the mortgage payment. This was what started the process according to a few of the conversations with the recovery department that basically and at the time I was in no position to be threatened of loosing the wayne fryer 14×80 mobil home that I was taken advantage of after going through that unpleasant exsperious that I paid $56,000 dollars for and this bank was threatening to take. So the only options I was given concerning this nightmare was to settle the account for less. This is in may 2016 so I thought it would be the right thing to do. So I was able to get a loan that basically settled this account to keep the pile of junk that I paid $56,000 for I believe I settled the account for to gain nothing if you add all the funds that they robbed my account of and other tack on fees associated with late payments. The rest of the money from a loan paid a couple other accounts that were not even mine caused by identity theft. These two loans were with Bank of America that believe or not currently these three accounts continue severely years later and disputed the accounts are currently negatively affecting my credit preventing me from refinancing the home my wife and I currently live in. It’s the same predatory lending conduct that lead to my premature decisions related to these account I am currently experiencing problems with as the reason bank of America gives or one reason that one agent stated is when I settled one of the three accounts that were not mine because I thought it would be the easiest way to handle it I basically made it appear that I was responsible and owned the accounts that our fraudulent accounts and even those I have showed and submitted information everything that is required they remain on my reports as negative . The good news is after three long years and Lexington law along with a bit of help from others I have been successful at getting most of my report cleaned up. Its important to note the seriousness of identity theft with that said my credit I maintained and utilized for years is not as it use to be it’s like I’m if ever successful starting all over as if I never had credit this I dont understand as a victim of identity theft. That’s what I have if you can help with this long story please it will greatly be appreciated by my family that’s suffered through this and numerous other lifes unpleasant out of ur control circumstances. Thanks

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I would like for the entity wells Fargo be held to the standard any institution is required to be held accountable for this is their mistake that if one puts themself in my position I was making my payments .its the banks negligence that continues to not only cause me financial hardships its effects my familys as well it’s not particular pleasant to tell your children you cant do the things we did before this corrupt entity that specializes in robbing and taking advantage of the the inocont. I’m a professional in and around professionals for the last 30 years and I’m fortunate to have had this experience with professionals from all walks of life. And if I learned anything its important to pay attention to details. The fine print or the accountability that these corporations are able to be except from I believe its safe to ask what if you were in my situation exsperioued all that I have described. What would you expect to compensated with surely more then what the offer presented on the prior screen?

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