Charter Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

Charter Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

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I cancelled my services and expected a prorated price for the 5 days after the start of the month and they are charging me for FULL services. They state they changed their rules about prorating and notified clients. I looked for the notification and NEVER found it. Called and they pointed it to me — they put it on the May 2019 statement in the notes section, like the 3rd paragraph, in small type. I have requested why it was not a full page announcement so clients were truly notified within the 30 days they should have been — they will not discuss that. I also requested as to why it was not on their website as many clients pay as paperless — the only way you would see it then is if you pulled the actual bill up BUT why would you if the charges are the same every month. I asked about this also and NO RESPONSE from them. Their website presents as total due, total past due, etc NO OTHER details regarding billing. They want me to remit $160+ for a full month of services that they were NOT providing. I continue to remit for the internet services as billed monthly, but I feel that they are “stealing” from people. How can they keep/take almost $200.00 per person for services that they are not providing. I have offered to remit for 5 days, but no one responds to that either. They send a boxed reply and when I reached out to the executive team for answers — I was presented a notice from their legal team that I was a pest. If you have a complaint or questions, apparently you shouldn’t ask.

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