Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

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It started in September of 2019. Wells Fargo closed my business account for fees after I had asked them to change my account due to excessive charges we’re coming out of that account from an unauthorized party. They told me that all I needed to do was put a stop payment which later backfired with more charges. They told my account wouldn’t get closed because they were going resolve the issue. Well they didn’t instead they closed my business account.

In December I asked why I couldn’t have access to one of child’s account which had been open since the time he was born almost ten years. Turns out someone at wellsfargo mistakenly put a Coogan block on the wrong accounts. Because they had to close the account in order for the issue to be resolved well again it didn’t get resolved due to the closing of my business account. Wells Fargo failed to follow up on fixing the problem.

Now yesterday May 4th 2020 in the middle of a pandemic wellsfargo allowed a fraudulent merchant to take money out of my account for2,037 even though the account only had 340 dollars in it. When transactions were pending I went down to the bank and told them it was fraud and that it hadn’t gone through yet so they need to stop it . They told me I would have to call customer service I called customer service they said they could stop it. When I spoke to a resolution specialist they told they would call back but no one did. Shen I back today a manager told me to take it up with the merchant then hung up the phone in my ear. Extremely unprofessional, inconsiderate and disrespectful. They showed zero empathy to my emergency. Very sad. Very bad.

What pisses me of is that there were days when I the account holder was trying to purchase a 3 dollar sandwich and was denied payment (even though there were thousands of dollars in my account), with a phone call from Wells Fargo asking if I’m the one making the purchase.

Well here we are in the middle of a pandemic where millions of Americans lost their jobs and loved ones. Yet I get worst treatment possible so bad that it brought me to tears feeling like my chest was about to cave because my last dollar were taken without authorization and wells Fargo failed to protect me the account holder. They left me feeling hopeless, powerless and helpless and that’s not okay. Because I’ve been a loyal customer of 15 years with at least 5 accounts. And have always held my end of the relationship between my bank and I. Please tell me what I can do sue them because I am completely done with Wells Fargo

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