AT&T Lied About the Price

AT&T Lied About the Price

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I called ATT last October regarding the new IPhone 11 promotion. I was with Verizon at the time and was thinking of switching. The lady on the customer service line pushed me into another promotion stating Ill get 3 free iPhone 8’s if I take up the current offer, get all my activation fees waived and get an additional 15% discount for being a Union member among other things. I told her I didn’t need iPhone 8’s and she insisted that it was completely free. What do you have to lose? She said and got me to sign up. She said the credits would be issued back after the 1st 2 billing cycles and to call after 1st bill to get the activation fees all waived. I call them every month and they tell me they are now resolving the issue and crediting me for the fees they overcharged and yes, phone should be free, wait 1-2 billing cycles. Two billing cycles go by and boom they haven’t done a thing. They will not honor their word, none of them. I have asked them repeatedly to go back and listen to the recording and they say they will but never do and they won’t credit me or update my account to where the phones should be free. They say that promotion was for 2 weeks later even though I’ve explained that’s not what they told me when they sold it to me.

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Stop charging me installment fees on the phones that were supposed to be free.

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