Equifax Bad Customer Support

Published on May 6, 2020

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I called to dispute collection from a company that is causing multiple hard inquiries and finally an account which is now in collections to a company I have never heard of. Upon investigation into this company, they claim to have no record of my social security number available. Equifax refuses to help me because I can’t remember a loan from nearly 5 years ago that no longer appears in my credit report. I habe no knowledge of this account, the company or ota services. This is fraud. I described in precision detaily problem and equifax refuses to budge. This is fraud. Equifax is behind it.

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Damage control correction. I am attempting to pursue a home loan and this is corrupting every attempt! They have me looking like some kind of thief with their uninvestigated slander. An apology in writing would be appreciated and correct score. They must be made to vet their information before publicly slandering an individual

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