HughesNet Lied About the Price

HughesNet Lied About the Price

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When signed up HughsNet told me the basic 10 GB plan was enough data to use for a family of 4. The 10 GB is used up in less than 1 weekend per month so that was not true. The service is also very, very SLOW at all time during the day and its not as fast as advertised. The phone service is also horrible as there is a delay when talking to anyone on the phone line like you are using an old school walky talky. I called them and explained my issue…they then told me I was under contract for 24 months with 12 months of the contract remaining. They would not do anything for me other than give me more service and charge me more. Then the representative told me my credits were expiring but she would help me out by adding them back in for 6 months to keep my current bill the same. this does not fix the issue with the internet or phone service though. All I want to do is cancel all my service with HughesNet! She then tells me there is a cancellation fee of $385 plus tax to cancel both internet and phone service and I don’t feel its fare to have to pay this as the services do not work as promised.

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All I want at this point is out of any contract and to cancel both phone and internet service – I do not want to pay $385 plus tax to cancel.

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