Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

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Her name is Misty at the Mount Dora Florida branch last Friday at 5 which was on the first we added a line and asked for mine to be paid for also she was goofing off and flirting with my husband I didn’t pay for mine now we are out of money and both of our phones will be cut off which was a waste of $130 and when we tried to call her and tell her what happened she sat there and lied to us and was very rude and hung up on us so I would like for something to be done about her she is the store manager should not act like that with her customers our phone bills should have been paid when we ask them to be

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I think they should waive my balance due because it was not paid for when I asked the girl to pay for it and she sat there and goofed off and forgot about it and now we don’t have the money to pay for it

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