Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

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I called Metropcs at the end of March 2020 and i told them that i was worried because i wouldn’t know if my phone would be off because of the Covid-19. I spoke with a gentleman that was very reassuring that my service wouldn’t be interrupted for the next 60-90days i would have no worries. The pandemic was the focus and not to worry they would handle everything until the days he said were up. I replied thank you so much and he then says i will get extra hotspot data also. I’m happy and feeling like a made a great choice going from AT&T to Metro by T-Mobile. Wrong! He lied!!! Which caused my date to be change when i called back to later confirm what he said because the next person that helped me messed up so bad that they charged me more money to fix the changes that were made then i paid more than while others got a deal a few weeks later offering high speed at reduced prices due to the virus. I got hung up on a total of 2-3 times. It has been horrible. Now its a few days before my bill is due again and my internet doesn’t work for hours on end. Now i paid 120 something dollars to barely have data and still can’t run my phone without loading. How is unlimited if it’s limited? That’s false advertising! Shame on you for taking advantage of people especially during this pandemic.

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I would like Metro by T-Mobile to do what was told to me by their customer rep. Or refund my money for the troubles.

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