US Bank Customer Service Lied to Me

US Bank Customer Service Lied to Me

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It’s been 3-4 weeks. I woke up with my debit card deactivated without my consent i started calling but can’t talk to anyone they have u on hold for hours n no one ever answers. I need to get a new card sent to me so i can use the money my child support is loaded on by the MISDU IN MICHIGAN.. I faxed my id n change of address w the acct number attached on cover sheet on my fax copy it went through without any problems that dates a week and half ago n nothing in my mail. I look online theres people all over United States suffering same things w Us bank reliacard. I just want my money thats being deposited by a company that i cant touch and its been frustrating to have noway to get answers or resolved…

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I want my money thats being deposited on my deactivated card to be transferred to one of my other cards so i can just be done with this company us bank reliacard… Or they send me a card so i can use to remove my balance of deposit…

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