Verizon Claim for Compensation

Verizon Claim for Compensation

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I was in domestic case and found out unpresidented clone overall works with Verizon customer boyfriend. He knows I called 911 and suspended my phone number and took my name off account. I over paid for phone 700.00 at Chula Vista Verizon. I explained abuse of power arrogance overall and Verizon to no avail would allow me to open account under new account to keep my phone number in which attorney and doctors have. I specified he is under investigation by FBI because video surveillance shows he robbed me and raped me. To no avail did Verizon open new account because they are closed off. This will affect America and I bought phone and not him.

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I overall paid for phone and he wants to play criminal or pimp trying to own me. If anything happens because of this even death I hold Verizon responsible for not doing what’s right. The number is not active. It does not violate rights because he is not using it. America in crisis and he is involved in stopping people fighting covid 19 out there.

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