AT&T Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

AT&T Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

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I tried to transfer my Prism TV to Direct TV ( now AT&T). I got a price for life from century link that supposedly they (AT&T) can not access. my bill has been different every month since I made the change. I am sent through hours of “customer service” agents, none of which can help answer my questions. I was given a base price for all services upon accepting the two year agreement. Never have I paid that price, generally much more. I do not trust them and want out of all my obligations to pursue service elsewhere. They owe me for many hours of my time on the phone, at $100/hr, to equal about $550. Still NO resolution.

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Fix all issues. provide me with a bill showing details. refund me for my time ($500). IF not, let me out of my obligation, refund me for my troubles ($500). I will then pursue another service. I believe what they are doing constitutes a monopoly.

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