T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

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They started off by taking extra Monies from my account they also didn’t allow my auntie who is on my account pay my bills and edit anything necessary because I’m disabled they never offered me any type of assistance due to the pandemic they immediately they cut off my phone they lied and said that I called in and said no one else could say anything in regards of my account when I have my aunt who’s been over me from 1996. They could never prove any of this but one of the rep Sherry consistently kept saying that I made this arrangement that is a lie I’m typing because my speech is so altered no one can understand me and this is why I use sign language she made it very difficult for me they charge me extra money on both my lines when I have payment arrangement set up for the 15th of May and yet they interrupted it when I had my aunt call in they wouldn’t turn anything on because they said I gave them special Arrangements which is a lie then the problem I have is that T-Mobile never have a manager or enough supervisors to handle this option or issue I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2019 and I never had this issue. So now they took money from me they charged me up never offered me any type of help and yet they can never find Sherry and there’s only one supervisor I’ve been on the phone for waiting for 30 minutes this is all illegal Fair Shake

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