Herring bank Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Herring bank Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

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This may sound crazy, but i assure you this is real. Herring bank has been intentionally delaying my pay for years. They have forced me change bank account numbers for no reason and repeatedly hang up on me. I truly need assistance with this shady bank. I know that is not much to work with but look at it this way. If a bank delays pay it forces individuals to stress which leads to accidents and crimes. Herring bank needs to be punished severely for this wrongful abuse. I have photos it says i have plenty of money in the bank, yet my balance is actually well below that amount. Or i have had deposits hit, but no money added to my account. I humbly ask for assistance on taking on this bank. I understand we may not win, but if a lawyer, reporter, or someone powerful does help me take them own, at least then we will show them we are not going to tolerate their misconduct. Maybe then they will stop. Thank for your time. Sincerely Brodrick ********

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Compensation for emotional distress.

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