AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

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It started on December 26,2017.
When I brought my sister and niece over to AT&T, we asked for unlimited data, for our phones, they said they didn’t have unlimited data in NM.
But to keep checking with them.
So for 2 years I called every couple of months to see if they could lower my bill and to see if they had the unlimited data. It was always a no. Until my niece was going to TMOBILE, then they had unlimited data, lowered my bill, but won’t unlock our phones. So we can’t use our phones we paid for. I spoke with a manager Bengierman. He really could care less about all I have gone through.
13 hours on the phone trying to get them unlocked and it will still be another 48 hours.
Over charging me about $200+ a month.
And he did absolutely nothing for me.
I want everyone to know how AT&T takes care of their customers.
They pass the buck. Saying that they will call you back and don’t. Making promises and never keeping them.
They don’t want you to have unlimited data because they get more money for charging you for gigabytes. How cruel is that. Please Help Me.

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