US Bank Customer Service Lied to Me

US Bank Customer Service Lied to Me

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About two months ago I woke up with -$120 balance I haven’t made any purchases or had any purchases coming in to my account I checked it’s not before because I was going to put money into it after work but I decided since it was green I can wait till the morning so when I woke up I see the negative balance I was charged with three overdraft charges in one night for charges I have no idea I called to speak with someone and as you expect Space they were no help and said they kept saying sorry sorry nothing I can do when I know there’s a bunch of stuff they can do anyways I don’t have the money just laying around to pay three overdraft charges for no reason still got no help they ran my account to a -$220 balance and once this coronavirus thing happened when I got my stimulus check they took the $220 from the overdraftAnd not only did they do that they gave me some bull**** temporary credit that they claim is something for coronavirus relief and they claim it is for accounts with negative balances and they even said they were going to reverse balances that were negative going into coronavirus pandemic instead they took my stimulus money gave me a temporary free credit and then sent me another email saying that they’re going to deduct that $213 credit that they gave me for No reason but to make a bunch of peoples accounts overdrawn during this time so they can catch up on money that they’re missing because things are slow I called about three weeks ago when I saw that temporary credit for $213 in my account and I said hey I don’t want this take it back

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