Wells Fargo Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

Wells Fargo Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

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Hello first off I just got off the phone with a Wells Fargo card service specialist,.who I called to dispute a debt that supposedly they were supposed to send me an affidavit for, which I never received, and they where not supposed to add late fee’s to the debt because it was in dispute and was told to me by a branch representative who was calling support from the branch while I was sitting right there “more than once I went into the branch over this matter I might add”..and every phone call and conversation is supposed to be noted & recorded,.so supposedly now when I called back because I want to settle on this dispute,.they already sent it to a third party collection agency and guess what?.according to collections I owe an amount way over what I was told I owed,.and now as I said when I called the bank to straighten this out they’re response to me was that they have no records because it was already sent to a third party collection agency!..in other words I’m **** out of luck,..I find it to be totally disgusting that a multi-billion dollar bank “company” is committing a crime of theft and try’s to dance there way around it to people who put there trust into this banking system especially at a time like this when the world as we know it is dealing with a heavy impacted pandemic “covid 19”..I find it unacceptable the agony and stress I have to go through with this bank when all I am trying to do is fix a debt that realistically I don’t even owe that’s why they were supposed to send me an affidavit because that’s how this whole thing started,.they supposedly told me I owed them a payment from a long time ago meanwhile I made every payment every month & nothing was ever told to me until they decided to come up months later telling me I owed a payment,.you and I both know that if you miss any credit card payment they immediately send you a notification,.not months later after your making every payment on time,.like I said before it’s really disgusting and unfair that any person be put through this illegal run around with a bank then without notice you’re waiting for an affidavit that never appears then they add fee’s and without notice send it to collections messing up my credit score meanwhile I am a law abiding citizen and father of 3 children here in our country just struggling in these times to provide food and shelter for my family and these multi-billion tyrant’s just wanna rob regular people of they’re hard earned money,.so if you can please help me and so many others in this world fight back legally against these heartless billion dollar corporations who just wanna commit theft and stress upon the average american people,.thank you and sorry for this semi long message

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What ever I can get for the stress and anxiety they have caused me for months now,.over as I said before a debt that they imposed on me that I really never even owed!..they should be held accountable especially if I made the efforts to resolve this issue with them!

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