24 Hour Fitness Claim for Compensation

Published on May 17, 2020

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I called 24 Hour Fitness about one week before they permanently closed.I explained to them due to this virus I wanted to freeze my membership. They told me that I was in a contract and I will not be able freeze or cancel my contract. They said I will be charged a cancellation fee. Just a little over a week latter they closed permanently. I called them back and explained to them that I wanted to cancel my membership. Once again They explained to me that I am in a one year lease and unable to cancel my membership. They’ve continued to charge me $31.99 off my card each month. They said the best they can do for me is give me extra months that I have lost when they were closed. I explained to them that I’ve only use their gym about five times total.That was only in the swimming pool and the jacuzzi. I never have used any of their equipment ever! I’m on a fixed income and I started looking at my contract. The total amount of this gym is $402.91 which I have only used maybe 5 times. I’m on a fixed income please help thank you so much good God bless sincerely Mary *******

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