AT&T Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

AT&T Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

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It started in Nov 2019. I bought an iPhone from AT&T on thanks giving offer and paid off the total due amount in Jan , after 60 days of network policy . After that I submitted multiple unlock requests and complaints between Feb and March to unlock the phone which were failed saying invalid IMEI number and I was told to use AT&T sim for another 60 days on the mobile and get it unlocked. I couldn’t do that as this mobile is not in US , so I waited for last 3 months if any of my friends can help me get the mobile back to US. Now it seems like , nobody is ready to travel from my country to US and there is no point of waiting for long time as there is an international travel ban because of corona.
I have spent so many hours to talk to customer care and never get a positive response . Every time when I approached Customer executives, they made me to submit useless unlock requests. In today’s customer call , AT&T customer service manager had kept my call unspoken for a while and left

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