Straight Talk Customer Service Lied to Me

Published on May 18, 2020

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My PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: I plan to share this with everyone who will listen. The news channels in Huntsville, Al will be at the top of my list. You all are not right and I am glad I had witnesses sitting here with me.
After years of having Straight Talk, I AM DONE. No one should be treated this way. I have been harmed in many different ways these last pass two days. You have caused me major anxiety, undue stress, and time off from work just trying to repair Visual Voicemail (Samsung Galaxy A50). I have been embarrassed in front of others by your customer service. I had to consistently borrow someone else’s phone.
EVERYONE has some of the same complaints. HORRIBLE customer service. PERIOD. It has always taken you HOURS to fix everything I called about over the phone. I have never experienced what I have from a phone company what I have in two days from Straight Talk. I am so glad that I had witnesses sitting here with me because I was using someone else’s phone. Otherwise, no one would probably believe me. My Visual Voicemail App disappeared after my Samsung A50. For the past few months, it has been saying ‘We’re downloading Visual Voicemail to your phone. Try opening Visual Voicemail again in a few minutes”.
Between yesterday and today, I talked to several different Straight Talk Representatives. The following has happened: transferred HIGHER up to better assist me 5 times (Because they couldn’t fix it), hung up on during the SO CALLED transfer, hung up on because of the SO CALLED “I CAN’T HEAR YOU/BAD CONNECTION LYE”, calling their own co-workers liars (He said that his coworkers lye to customers all the time and they do not assist customer with app problems), lied to several times, getting smart with me, intentionally speaking LOW (As if you don’t ALREADY have a problem understanding them), and the list goes on. These customer service representatives intentionally hung up on and talked smart to me. I fill with all my heart YOU all are full aware of the bad behavior to customers going on. These people where very bold in their actions and tone to me. I honestly believe they are this way because there will be no repercussions from the company.
There is no way that if any of my calls where recorded that a good business would continue to allow this continued unresolved customer issues and rude behavior carry on. All the while, I was WONDERING if these conversations are really being RECORDED FOR TRAINING PURPOSES. APPARENTLY so. Because all of these people have horrible work ethic and behave just a like♂️, Straight Talk has a culture of bad behavior from top to bottom. There are too many complaints everywhere about your company.
Let me point out that after all of the I CAN’T HEAR YOU/BAD CONNECTION LIES, not ONE TIME did these people try calling my phone back last night. I had to call you all back each time just to start over. The most annoying part of these two days was having to explain EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN to each person because you say, “We have limited space to make notes”. In addition, for those who have Straight Talk KNOW that each representative READ THE BOOK of processes to you insisting you to go through them repeatedly. This is even after I repeatedly said, “The last person just had me do that”. I just want to say DIRECTLY TO STRAIGHT TALK. That is just STUPID and poor management to WHOEVER has them doing this. A total waste of the customer’s time after already being on continued LONG holds as they READ THE BOOK of processes. Then, it is clear from my experiences that you do not care about customers time spent on the phone with you all. There is NO haste or proficiency on any of their minds.
As customers for years, I have not simply made up this story about my experiences these last two days because the story gets worse for me. Your representative tells me to download the Straight Talk Visual Voice Mail App. YES! You read it right. Straight Talk Visual Voice Mail App
ME: “Mam you all don’t have an app in the Play Store that says Straight Talk”. This is how knowledgeable they are about the company they work for (BLANK STARE)…
I then asked her which Visual Voicemail I should have on the phone. The tone of her voice changed to let me know that she was not happy about that question. Because she clearly did not know. She insisted that I open Play Store and read aloud to her all the Visual Voicemail apps I see. After doing this, she ask me select ANYONE of them. I did what she asked and read to her the error messages from each.
One said: “We are unable to connect to the appropriate cellular network. Please check your carrier and APN settings and try again.” This happened 6-7 times between to different apps she had me download. Of course, the usual happened next. I was hung up on. Therefore, I had to call back again. He in turn begins to take me through the SAME STEPS. At this point, my blood pressure has gone up and I have a headache from this intentional torture.

My story got even more stressful. After being on the phone for over 3 hours with no fix yesterday, he tells me that they are going to have to schedule me a call back for 8:00 am the next day because it is almost 11:00 pm. All the while, my 17-year-old nephew sitting here shaking his head because I was using his phone. TWO LESSONS FOR HIM YESTERDAY: How not to TREAT people if your work in customer service. Moreover, how NOT to run a business. He expressed that he could not believe what had just happened.
Now, those of us who have STRAIGHT TALK KNOW today did not go right either. First, you called me at 7:00 am not 8:00 am as indicated. I told them last night my time zone. Therefore, I was not near a second phone because this was not the scheduled time. She goes through some of the same options. She tells me to call them back when I have another phone to talk on and they will contact the carrier (Verizon) while I am on the phone. Today was a repeat of all the same stuff from yesterday all while my best friend sitting here this time as I use her phone. She was in pure DISBELIEF. Even after I let this man know why I was calling upfront, he did and said exactly what he wanted to. I asked him several times if we could simply contact the provider (Verizon) as the last tech was sure that we needed to do to resolve the issue. He insisted that I take the SIM card out of my phone to check the numbers on it or he could not help me. He was very rude.
He proceeds to tell me that: “My Co-workers lye to customers all the time. That the last tech was lying to me. They do not assist customers with apps.”
When I asked what should I do because that is what everyone else had been trying to do for hours? He said: “You would need to find it yourself. The correct Visual Voicemail”. He kept repeating to me “We do not assist customers with this type of issue”.
At this point, I honestly thought that I was being pranked. It was as if I was watching a bad movie. Just UNREAL………..I have NEVER seen such disregard for assisting a customer.
I asked to be transferred to higher up supervisor. Again, he said yes and hung up. I called back. After waiting for some time to get through, a women answers and I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Upset that I would not allow her to take me in a circle again, she says yes to the transfer. However, hangs up. Now surprisingly, I get my first call back from a HANG UP. However, she plays the same game they always do of PRETENDING she could not hear me. My friend and I was sitting at the kitchen table and could hear her just fine. No static in the line or anything. The interesting thing about it all is that these customer service representatives are ALWAYS saying they can’t hear you when you want a transfer, they get tired of working on your problem, or just DON’T want to work at all. Otherwise, they hear JUST FINE. These people have simply harassed and tortured me these past two days. The sad thing is that you are not doing anything as a company to resolve the horrible customer service you offer. It does not matter how inexpensive your service is if you can’t get SIMPLE technical things done when you need to. It is not right that you all said that you would provide customer assistance when I brought my phone/service plan.
You are not providing customer service. You are providing people with a group of people answering your lines who torture and mistreat people. They know that a phone is a necessity for many. I have a physical disability and it is imperative that my voicemail work properly. My doctors and nurses call all the time. I would like a full refund of my service for all the months that it has not worked properly since the update. It is your fault that it has not been fixed. How long is too long to be on a phone with your reps. HOW LONG IS TO LONG? WHAT’S EXCEPTABLE FOR YOUR COMPANY?

You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves. How would you feel if you are treated this way? Well, it made me sick last night. I could not sleep. Today, I felt even worse from the stress of your customer service people.. My blood pressure went up again, my head hurts, I felt nauseated, and I could not get any of my personal business done today because I was on the phone with you all.

STRAIGHT TALK-Why are you paying these people????????????
Because at the RATE you all are going, you will be OUT OF BUSINESS soon. Those help line employees ARE NOT CONCERNED about your business. These are not random coincidences of dropped calls, being rude, harassing customers, lying, wasting customer’s time, providing incorrect information, not repairing phone issues, and etc. These actions are INTENTIONAL by your company. In addition, it needs to stop.
Again, this is My PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND STRAIGHT TALK TO ANYONE…….After years of having you all, I AM DONE. I plan on sharing my experiences with EVERYONE who will listen. People should not be treated this way and they need to KNOW before they purchase STRAIGHT TALK. I hope it helps someone and save them a lot of unnecessary harassment by the company.

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