AT&T Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Published on May 19, 2020

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it started in december 2019 – i signed up and paid immediately $ 30 for a month service! in january i realized that i could make my tel.calls at home – i had internet wifi with at&t at home – but at the freeway when i had a problem with my heart and i wanted to call my dr. – i could not – lucky me – i am 81 years old – iafter a while i was able to drive home and call my dr. from home.
the next day i went to at&t store on foothill / rosemead and related the problem. the young man who helped me – told me i had to have a new – i was not very happy about it – but had no choice – the reason why at my age i have a cell telephone so in a emergency i have someone to contact. now i had a new telephone nr. – but that did not stop at&t to bill me for the nr. 1 telephone nr. – even though i did not use it and i don’t think i could use – because i have a android motorola telephone with which i have one chip for my what’s up – for this i have a tanzania chip to be able to use my telephone calls around the world. the second chip is installed from at&t for a prepaid service charge $30. but at&t charged me even $84 a month for the number which was canceled – or supposed to be cancelled in january 2020.
i have called AT&T at least 15x – have spoken to at least a
18 people – spend at least 20 hours on the telephone. i have explained the issue so many times – it is incredible. finally i spoke to a lady which after explaining again the issue – in april 2020 – i was credited a little over $ 300 – but $ 107 were not credited. so about a week later i received a new bill for $ 180 and a letter from a collection agency! right after that a application for a credit card was denied of this. i hope this explains the issue – i refuse to pay for a service which i don’t have and i never requested. i have no use for a second telephone nr.. for your information i also have a landline from At&T.
and that brings me to a second issue with AT&T. i also signed up for bundle with at&T in december. first i had to wait several weeks for the connection for internet and tv and landline. the first man to install the service just left without saying anything – he told me in the beginning – that it would be difficult to install a dish because i had a lot of plants. a couple of weeks later the 2nd technician had no problem with the installation. but to start from the beginning – the 3 man at the at&T store were extremely friendly when i told them that i wanted a bundle. the manager robert and his assistant andre and a 3rd man helped me – told me i would have $ 125 a month to pay + tax – altogether around $150. the landline i could get cheaper by calling at&T because i had a social sec. nr. – what they did not tell that i would have to maybe call 10x – after being put on hold – transferred and dropped on the line. finally i was told i would get the landline for $22 – but it never happened. i also was told i would receive a $200 credit and a $100 credit. the $100 i received after calling again numerous times. i also was told that i could cancel my service anytime at no cost.
in february i received a bill for $ 266 and than a bill for $206 – for $ 84 and for 50. i took the $266 bill to the at&t store and the manager robert said – he would take care of it – but it never happened – i also did not get the bill back. the manager told me that destroyed it. now i have spend for this matter another many hours – with lots of people on the telephone and than finally i received in april $50 lousy $’s credit. i was told to pay $ 457 – which i did – called several times to find out how much the new bill would be – i was told the bill is not ready and than a bill came with late charges. so now i would like to relate to you also that at&T is not using my name – so the last 2 letters i have received i have not opened – because my name is waltraud a. milani and not waltraud macleod. when i asked to remove my tv service i was told it would cost me $ 450 – even though i was told in the beginning – i could cancel any time.
at&t is a nightmare – i have so much stress because of it – i have never experienced something like this in my life. now most of the telefon calls – i have made a note of it – time and with whom i spoke ! i have asked friends for help and have thought i would address myself to the government in order to get some help!
this outrageous and cruel to treat a 81 year old woman in such ugly matter! waltraud a. ******

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i want an apology !
cancel my tv service at no cost – i am not using it – and am paying for nothing !

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