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Published on May 19, 2020

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05.01.2020 Ordered vacuum cleaner online from Ondystore.
Used PayPal
PayPal records show billed by Camera Abacus. I never heard of them.
05.07.2020 PayPal records show shipped with tracking number 1Z***-***-*********.
Tracked item. Proof of delivery showed 4 lb item signed for by a CV Brandon. That’s not me. My item should have been w0 or 30 pounds. Turns out that the supplied tracking number was in error or a fake. Brandon did get the item from a tractor parts company.
Had attempted to contact the seller (Ondystore) more than a dozen times, each time leaving a message for a call back. No response.
Tried to find Camera Abacus Inc without success. No record of address or phone. Discovered there was a relationship to Sent email. Got no reply.
Sent all this information to PayPal and the escalated the claim on 05.18.2020, suggesting this appeared to be a scam sale.
PayPal indicated it would take at least 5 days to check this out. I got email within a few hours stating, “Based on information we have, we’ll have to deny your case”.

Tried to contact a live person to discuss the reasons for it but cannot reach a live person.

I have saved as much documentation as I can regarding this problem.

I could not print the dispute and claim. I could be wrong but it seems like PayPal has the format set up to prevent customers from printing those documents… at least from iPad.

I have not been able to contact PayPal via phone to ask for copies but can never reach a live person.

The customer service is below the standards expected of a company that purports to offer safe payment for product.

If my claim didn’t cross all the ‘Ts’ or dot all the ‘Is’ shouldn’t be reason to deny and close my claim. The did not explain what the problem was nor allow any updating to allow for acceptance of the claim. I feel this shows bad faith between PayPal and the customer.

My iPad will not print this site. Can you please send me a printable copy on email or text?

Thanks. Steve ********@*****.*** ***-***-****

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