Capital One Bank Collections Issues

Capital One Bank Collections Issues

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Feb 26th I applied and was approved for a credit card, I made a 300.00 deposit. Feb 27th I called to witdraw my application. Feb 28th at 12:33am the funds were taken out of my account. After waiting 14 to 21 days for my 300.00 to be deposited into my account that never happened, I have called capital one every week to find out out where my return of the 300.00 deposit I made was. Every week I was told 5 to 7 business days. I waited and when I did not receive it called again and again. Capital ones incompetence is that because my son had also applied and withdrew his application and the got our names switched around. Why is beyond me due to the fact that we both have account ts at the same bank, but they are individual accounts. While 2 attempts were made to deposit funds into my account they were sent back to capital one because they associated my son’s name with my account. This has been going on since march 30th 2020. I have spent numerous hours on hold and talking with customer services reps for them to fix the issue, to no avail. May14th, the last call I made the customer service rep told me that a check would be sent out May14th and that I should receive it 5 to 7 days. May20th 2020 I received a phone call from capital one in which the rep told me that capital one will not be returning the 300.00 deposit that I had made feb 26th 2020. They are withholding and stealing the 300.00 deposit that I have waited over 85 days to have returned to my account. This is not ok, that is my money that I had deposited. I have proof of the funds taken out of my account, along with every rep I’ve spoken to at capital one, dates, names and times, and what each and every one of them has told me when I’d receive my funds. Now today they call me to tell me they will not be returning my money!!!!!! They are nothing but lying thieves

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I want my money returned!!!!!!! I’ve waited 3 months!!! And thier gross negligence makes me sick!!!

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