Comcast Claim for Compensation

Comcast Claim for Compensation

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On Jan 14th 2016 I soled a data breach that had been going on 2002-2016 .Jan 16th when I turned in the info on the international hacking to the cybercrime FBI group. It came out of Mt Laurel New Jersey and it affected millions
Comcast and the government never caught it. I was injured because of it, stalked, id stolen, money stolen etc.

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Cover all damages. I died May 12th due to being stalked and having a seizure, my kids emails were stolen. The only ones I had. I was in fear for my life. I got a restraining order. It didnt stop him. He still stalked me. I have to get a new social, accounts, driver license. This group took my freedom and safety and personal things from me. I have 4 years of proof, documented in fed court. I called a detective in mt laurel and I personally know a huge group who could start a class action. I want a fair settlement for medical bills, court costs, damages, od stolen etc.

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