American Express Claim for Compensation

American Express Claim for Compensation

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The incident happened on the 20th of May when is Express had a hold on my phones from a third-party company so I got in touch with them and do they call American Express and was trying to give them the authorization codes to release the funds and they tell me now they can’t release the funds even know it was a charge that wasn’t supposed to be charged anyways that’s why I had both companies on the phone and now they’re telling me I have to wait 8 days well first the first lady told me seven days and then the manager lady tell me eight days and then she tells me that there’s no human resources that I would speak to know complaint department when you give me an email address or phone number give me a address to mail a letter and now I am broke I want money and they telling me I have to wait 8 days to get my money people die from having nothing to eat cuz they have no money and I expect someone to survive when all their money they have

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Release my money from being on hold today I need that money to survive

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