AT&T Lied About the Price

AT&T Lied About the Price

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11/2/2019 I switched my service to AT&T from Verizon because I was told i would save money. They were having a promotion and I could purchase three iPhones 11(128 gig) for only 1.45/mth (each phone) for 30 mths, if I sent them my current phones in good condition. I also needed to pay the taxes upfront for the three iPhone 11’s, which I did on that initial call. If I brought 4 phone lines my bill would roughly be around $160/mth. Once they received my iPhones I would get a credit of $23.55/mth per phone that I sent in. I sent them 2- iPhone 7plus 128 gig and 1-6plus 64 gig. I have only been credited for one phone instead of three. Initially, they told me it would take 2-3 billing cycles for my phones to be credited to my account. I am charged every month $25.00/phone for 2 phones that I never agreed to purchase at this price. In addition, I was charged $23.55 for the first three months on all three phones. I have called for months with no resolve, I have spent so much time and energy calling only to be transferred from one department to another. I have spent countless hours on hold and requested to have supervisors call me back , to no avail. I can no longer tolerate spending my time addressing a company that clearly is robbing me. I never agreed to pay $749.00/per phone, because I was happy with my paid in full phones. I have contacted the 3rd party company that confirmed they received my three phones and they were approved. I was told that they sent an email stating this to AT&T in Nov 2019. My last attempt was stopping by a local store and explaining my situation to a store manager who said he would have his supervisor look into this and he would keep me posted. He called back a week later to say it was escalated to a supervisor that handles those problems. I have not heard back from him and I left him a message on 5/7/2020. I feel like my account has been tagged and no one is allowed to help me.

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Refund me for what I have overpaid on the three iphones 11’s. Release me from the contract and pay me for my time and pain and suffering of having to deal with this unprofessional and dishonest company. My request is $5000 to part ways.

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