AT&T Lied About the Price

AT&T Lied About the Price

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I cancelled direct tv and At&t after 7 years. I returned equipment and was told I was paid in full then after several months received a threatening call about over $400.00 in early termination fees after having service for years. I called immediately and paid $228.00 and they dropped the late fee and requested a letter stating account was satisfied and paid in full however, I never received anything. I ran a credit check and found that I am now in collections for $220.00 and never received any written, email or phone call notice yet my credit is damaged and this was just placed on 05/16/2020. I am furious because I was a customer forever 7 years with phone and TV and was never late on a bill. In fact, the only contract ever signed was for the initial two years. This was renewed numerous times without approval and now my credit was damaged from fraudulent credit report. Again, I found this on a routine credit report and have never received any notice in regards to this. I paid them and they ruined my credit and I want to sue them for fraud, violation of the federal consumer protection act and damaging my credit that cause my daughter to loose financing a home over because I can’t cosign! I am absolutely furious with them and have researched that this is a very common issue with them and numerous class actions. Please help me go after this giant!

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I want damages for them not mailing me a debt verification letter, phone call or email. They simply ruined my credit causing my daughter not being able to purchase a home with me as a cosigner. They are in violation of the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act and have intentionally billed me for deceptive multiple contract renewals and then ruined my credit which was only found do to a credit check from a mortgage company then resolved only to be placed on my report a second time and found by accident again. They need to pay damages for what they have caused my family.

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