T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

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I need my insured phone replaced. My password didn’t work. I reset it after 5 phone calls @ 30 minutes average wait time each time with TM. Five. Then was transferred to Assurant. They would not process my claim because the password was incorrect in their system. Back to T Mobile where 2 phone calls with 30-45 minute wait times resulted in a FINALLY knowledgeable enough “expert” who informed me that it would be 72 hours before Assurants system would be updated to recognize my pass-code. I have invested a total of five billable hours of my life to replace my insured phone. I charge $65.00 per hour. I also require my phone for my work. I cannot work without it. It is damaging to my credibility & professional reputation with my clients, because I am having to reschedule work that is tightly scheduled and legally bound to be completed by a given date. And now I have to wait yet another 3 days because your people cannot answer the phone in a timely manner, and your working relationship with your primary insurer is so shabby that you cannot simply call them and circumvent this 3 day wait time for a pass-code change. I am asking for damages caused to my working relationship with my clients, since this is your failing and not mine, in the amount of 6 months of service as well as the 5 hours of billable time at 65.00 an hour plus 8.25% sales tax to be paid to me by check.

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I want to be paid for the billable hours I have spent trying to get my insured phone replaced. My time is valuable and they have squandered it. That amount is $325.00 plus tax of 8.25% $26.81 totaling $351.81 Plus for the damages to my client relationships directly caused by not replacing my phone in a timely manner caused by their archaic and time consuming ineptitude I want 6 months service on my account.

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