T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

T-Mobile Customer Service Lied to Me

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For clarification, the issue has been with Sprint but as we know T-mobile is now the parent company. In March of 2020, my 18 month lease ended. I was never notified about options to purchase the two Iphones and the LG stylo 4 phone that were on the lease. On April 19, I reached out to Sprint to find out what my options were and they said I can either pay a lump sum of $249 per Iphone or I could make monthly installment payments for 6 months. I opted for the 6 month installments. The customer service agent told me the arrangement had been made and I would receive notification within the next few days and it would reflect on my bill. None of this showed on my bill until May 19. I reached out May 20 asking for further explanation about the $57 “surcharge” in addition to my phone payments and also asked why my installment plan was pushed back by at least a month. The customer service agent said they would call me back in an hour and never called back. I’m left with a bill that seems inaccurate, that I don’t understand and no one willing to explain to me what is going on.

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I honestly don’t know what my refund should be because I don’t understand the billing mistakes overall.

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