Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

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I was divorced on November 15, 2019. I was awarded the family home. The note is under my ex husband’s name only and is assumable. My ex has repeatedly refused to cooperate in agreements. I have contact Wellsfargo repeaditly to assume the loan. I am not allowed access to existing loan. Wellsfargo told me that I had to have verbal confirmation from ex to start the assumptions process. I got ex on phone with wells Fargo with me to do so. Next Wellsfargo claimed they needed him to say something different verbally, then they needed a letter. Now, with Covid-19 they only recently told me I must be named a ‘successor in interest’ first. I submitted required documentation, including divorce decree, court order, signed title transfer. Wellsfargo responded with a letter refusing, claiming that was not enough ‘proof’ to name me as a successor in interest. It has been over 6 months of back and forth with Wellsfargo Departments and I still have no access to modify or assume the note. My ex has now filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Please help.

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Name me successor in interest and work with me to assume and modify the mortgage note.

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