AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

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Was a mobile customer since 2007 and in 2018 I also added internet and TV service. I signed up for 100 Megs of internet service and after a year i realized I was only getting 6 Megs. I called to dispute the charges and to have speed corrected and was told by the customer service rep there was no refunds for the low speed service but it would be fixed in a matter of hours, and for sure by next day my speed would be correct. Next day came and problem was still not resolved, called again and was informed it would take another 5 days to correct. Five days later problem was still not corrected and when I called customer service (what a joke) they said there was no record of any changes. Asked to speak with a supervisor after threatening to cancel and she informed she would have it corrected and it would be another 5 days. As you can imagine 5 days passed again and still no correction, therefore, I cancelled all services (mobile, internet, and TV). Approx a month later I got a bill for $113 and when I called was informed because they bill in advance I owed for the whole month even though I only had 8 days of service before it was cancelled. I am also owed a $5 refund from the TV and Internet service and have still not received that either. They are lying crooks!!

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