Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

Back in 2014 significant other and I purchased a new 2015 Nissan Altima while we were active duty military. We didn’t know much about cars at the time so we thought we got a deal. $25k car with a 18% interest rate and our payments are $565 a month. While transitioning out of the military we missed or were late on 3 payments 2016: April, June, and July. 2018 was our rough year because we moved out of state and the veteran affairs were moving slow with out housing allowance so we fell behind on payments from June 2018 to Feb 2019. They put a repossession on our car I think maybe twice within that time and now we’ve been paying online for over a year now. The unfortunate thing is that yes we’re paying on time but because the payment is still so high we can’t afford insurance and many other things. I’ve read the articles about the settlement but unsure if it applied to us because we’re caught up on payments but I did see something about paying back or doing right by those who have been effected by their bad business practices.

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I would like the negative payment history on our credit reports fixed and if we qualify, our title to our vehicle.

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