Airbnb Customer Service Lied to Me

Published on June 2, 2020

I had 2 reservations for New York for May 2020. These were substantial reservations as the apartments were 3 and 4 bedrooms for 10-12 days each as this was a business trip for trade shows and events. I got concerned and nervous about covid and the potential for no refunds. I accessed the AirBNB site and initiated the cancellation process during which I was informed I would receive refunds of $6598.70. After cancelling I received email confirming that refunds had been sent to my VISA card on file. This was 2 months ago. AirBNB said that there was an error on the website and the email was wrong. I should receive $0 and they are not paying. I cancelled on 3/28 and on 3/30 they change the Extenuating Circumstances policy which, supposedly, would have entitled me to a full refund ($8145.87). There are 2 issues i.e.
* erroneous/false info causing me to cancel with expectation of $6598.70 approx (and then they say “oooooops, my bad… you get $0”
* no notice that EC policy was changing and that I would have received full refund if I waited 2 days before cancelling i.e. $8000+ refund (I would not have cancelled on 3/28 if I knew that I would get $0. I was enticed to cancel based on the promise of $6598.70.

I do not have screenshots of the website process promising the refunds prior to cancellation but I have emails confirming the refunds. The cancellation policy for the owners DID NOT provide refunds. I assumed that AirBNB was providing refunds per Extenuating Circumstances/Covid. The website communicated refunds during the cancellation process. I cancelled and received refund confirmation emails indicating refunds had been sent to my VISA but nothing was ever paid.

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