Vivint Collections Issues

Published on June 3, 2020

I just filed a complaint with the FTC about Vivint taking large sums of money out of my account without invoicing me or letting me know of the charges. Here is what I stated in my complaint:

I transferred my home security system from my old home to a new home in November 2019. A technician came out to add the equipment back and I also added more equipment. I was told I would receive credit for the equipment left behind so if the new owners wanted to use it, they could and I was given a referral code to give them if they wanted a discount in services. When the tecnichian came to my new home, I was under the impression that any additional charges for equipment would be charged to my loan that was already in place with them. Fast forward to May 18, 2020. I saw a pending charge from my bank account in the amount of $2,038.79 from Vivint. I called them as soon as I saw it. I figured there was some billing mistake where they pulled from the wrong account. I waited on hold for 20 minutes and was finally told that there was an installation for equipment on May 1st. I said that is not correct and they must have charged the wrong customer because my system was installed in November. The lady said she the department I needed to speak to was closed and I’d have to call back the next day. I called back and was transferred to multiple people who kept saying I was invoiced for new equipment May 1st. Finally I spoke to Kiara who told me that it was in fact charges for the installation in November. I told her that was supposed to be added to a loan, and I was supposed to receive credit for the previous equipment. She said no, and that they sent me an invoice in May 1st for the bill. I let her know I did not receive any bill/invoice whatsoever. I demanded they refund the money but she continued to give me the run around. I threatened to contact executives via linkedin if she didnt put me on the phone with someone who could reverse the charges. She then transferred me to Andy Strickland. I told him they never invoiced me, they took a large sum of money out of my account with no notice or authorization and that I would be contacting the FTC. Andy said that it was reasonable that I was asking for the money to be put back into my account and then we could work out the invoice issues. He issued the refund and said that Kiara would contact me once she reviewed all the calls to discuss the invoice.I asked him to email me confirmation. In his email to me it says that Kiara would be contacting me to discuss the adjusted invoice. I have not received any phone calls or emails from anyone at Vivint since. I even logged into my account to see if there were communications or billings in there, but there was nothing. I was on the phone between May 18-19th for 2 hours trying to get resolution. Today, Vivnt tried to pull another $2,110.26 from my account. Luckily I had set up precautionary measures so the money was not drafted. I would like to know if this is considered an ethical business practice and if there are others experiencing the same concerns. I feel violated that they have access to my account and do not trust them at all.

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I want to review all phone calls with them and receive a complete accounting of all equipment, charges and agreements I have agreed to with them. The initial set up at my first home, I received emails with the details. The second installation, I received nothing so I’m not sure what I should be billed for.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Utah | Read more Vivint complaints

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