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Published on June 4, 2020

I booked my bnb for Month of May and June and I had to change reservation because states not allowed to travel for COVID reason and bnb website says that bnb reservation changes or cancellation allowed but still charged me $200 for changing dates.

May 18 when State planned to open I traveled whole day to Boston for starting my work at Hospital. I just entered the apartment and found a dirty apartment without hand soaps availability. The problem was there was a 7 feet guy who lives permanently in next room his action was showing he was not willing to share place with another person. He started doing weird things like his all effort to leave me that place. He was going to restroom in every 15 mins that restroom wall was next to my room wall and start coughing sneezing and very loud blowing nose noises or may be he was having Corona that’sy he was coughing and blowing a lot. He was doing same thing next to my door again and again. Around 10pm he smoked weed and made whole apartment smelled. I am allergic to weed so very next day I start calling BNb to inform them whole situation and one agent picked up call and said call us later. I was extremely worried about whole
situation and was scared to talk to that guy and host. I had conversation experience with host who is very rude guy and I knew he will not believe and further living situation will be more harder after complaining to host because that person was permanent. Also my hospital said we are not having enough PPE so planned to start from June 1.
I informed host that I can’t live here because hospital said so but actually I felt very mentally and physically torture from surrounding environment that I decided to quit the situation for my own safety and left the place. I immediately booked a hotel and stayed next night there and in emergency booked a new place
Now from last 3 weeks I’m requesting Bnb and host that I haven’t used the service and ended up paying for double traveling and hotel and new reservation so please refund my $1440 so I can pay my current rent. But they are asking me for pictures and proof. How can I take the pictures of somone when I’m hiding in room and he was doing such things
In this Covid time when people are already suffering through a lot of things and companies are giving options of breaking the leases for making people life easy. Why Bnb and this host charging penalties? They have refused to help me out after so many requests sent to bnb and host. They are not refunding a single penny out of $1440 because I checked in. I request from your service to please help me out about this. Because whatever I decided it was for my own safety. They feel I’m a medical student and not strong to fight and will be quite on the end
I appreciate your time

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