Alorica Complaint

Alorica Complaint

This company has been contracted by the State of NV DETR to administer and adjudicate Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims. To date, nearly 80% of claims remain unpaid. I am owed roughly $10,000 representing 14 weeks of back benefits, which the extra $600/week, as provided for by FPUC, through July. I (and roughly 70,000 other claimants) are suffering substantial economic and other losses as a result of Alorica’s negligence. I believe they did not hire enough representatives to service all the eligible claimants. Repeated efforts to reach the adjudication line over the past several weeks have been unsuccessful. (As is the case with most of us.). Even if I could get through, I am forced to rely on the determination of a call center employee who doesn’t even work in a call center, but rather from their home, many of which are located in the Philippines. So our fates lie in the hands of a person overseas who answered an ad to “work from home.”

My plan is to file a small claims suit against Alorica for damages incurred as a result of their negligence. I am also QUITE CONCERNED that my personal, sensitive data may not be secure, as these “representatives” are presumably using their own computers and/or internet connections to access our accounts which include enough info about us to make us vulnerable to identity theft, etc.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Process my PUA claim ASAP and transmit the amount I am due. In addition, I’d like to seek reasonable compensatory damages for the losses I incurred by not having access to what amounts to a Federal entitlement.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Nevada | Read more Alorica complaints