Verizon Wireless Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

Verizon Wireless Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

Issues began in 2019 when I purchased an iPhone 8 Gold at a certified Verizon store in Albuquerque, New Mexico after dealing with constant harassment and death threats from my father’s wife, “Helen” Khanh ** – official DOB or legal name unknown. Vietnamese refugee who lost her birth certificate upon arriving to the United States around 8 years old. My former mobile number, ***-***-**** was severely compromised dating back to 2017 while renting a room from Stephanie **** at **** * ****** ****, Burbank, CA 91505. After complaining about multiple spoof social media accounts using my headshot pulled from Google Images, I decided to officially change my phone number to ***-***-**** (Savannah area code) while living in Albuquerque as I prepared to permanently move to Georgia to work in the film and entertainment industry. Around this time, I contacted IMDB and notified them of a fake Katy ***** profile with a bogus film credit and has since been taken down. While staying with a friend in Studio City, I was locked out of my own fingerprint biometric and thus changed my number to . At this time, I waited a 60 day waiting period with Apple to verify I was in fact the owner of said iPhone, and that the Verizon account was in fact in my name, Kate Yoder. Apple regranted me access to my iPhone at the beginning of 2020. In the interim, I purchased an Android Samsung Galaxy S20 at a certified Verizon wireless store in Atlanta, Georgia, and added a line so I could try to manage my online two-factor authentication. I was given the number ***-***-****, which is my current mobile number. On April 20th, I was notified that on September 23rd, a “third party” gained unauthorized access to my Verizon account. Upon arriving to Atlanta on/around September 24th, my mailbox had been busted open and I reported this to the business office at West Inman Lofts, *** ***** ***, where I technically still am on the lease until the 18th. Several weeks ago, it came to my attention that my roommate, whom I met on Facebook, Katie M. Richard, had linked my former phone number to her iPhone 8 and my Facebook account, under the name I go by professionally with SAG-AFTRA, Katy *****, was signed into 8 different devices in locations in Los Angeles, New York, Marietta Georgia (where she worked as a substitute teacher last fall), Roswell, GA (where she stays with/visits family), Jonesboro, GA, and several others. I have reported this information to the Underground Atlanta Police Department. As of today, the information and contact information on my Equifax report is still completely inaccurate, with the number ***-***-**** and a temporary number I had with Alcatel Wireless ***-***-**** listed as my contact. It came to my attention a revolving US Bank account ending in 0509, which was opened while a student residing on campus in Evanston, IL is tied to Bitcoin account that was opened while I was temporarily residing at *** ***** *** *** *, Atlanta, GA, *****, where I also experienced stolen prescription medication via USPS. I am a USPS customer who uses Informed Delivery as I ran my own small business, ** ***** *** ******* *** ***, which someone has been using to run Google Ads under my seller’s permit even though I haven’t been actively using my Etsy shop since July 2019, and am no longer a California resident. I was locked out of my own sim card several times about a month ago, and contacted Verizon support using my roommate’s cell phone, where I was told my new SIM pin. I have consistenly had syncing issues and credit inquiries from companies I’ve never heard of, and am seeking compensation for the time and mental energy wasted on the nightmare that is Verizon wireless.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Compensate me for the time and headache – years in the making.

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