Bank of America Bad Customer Support

Bank of America Bad Customer Support

I had an account with Bank of America and they closed my account without me knowing and I called about it and the supervisor told me that Bank of America didn’t wont my business no more and they no longer wanted me as a customer any more and for me to bank somewhere else and they don’t have to give me a good reason as to why they closed the account. I felt discriminated against cause I don’t have enough money to bank there when my unemployment benefits was direct deposit into that account and my paycheck was being directed as well good thing I didn’t give my job the information before I found out that it was closed or I would have been out of luck so I had to stop my unemployment benefits from going to that account and not they have an overdraft on my account that they want me to pay how it was handled was very unprofessional and I’ve been with the bank for two years with no problem I’m not happy with them and they not gonna do anything about the situation

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I want my account back open

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