Airbnb Locked My Account

Airbnb Locked My Account

I had a customer, Karen Lynn Gaines (guest) who booked a long-term rental (approximately 2 months). She moved in with her Mom, who suffers from dementia. Her Mom also has a daily visit from a Nurse Aid, that helps her with lunch, walking and daily care.
Karen was referred to me by her daughter from a search on Airbnb. I do not know Karen or her daughter personally. Karen represented that she was retired home economics teacher and is presently working as a Mary Kay Consultant.
I got along with Karen and her Mom when they moved in. I always prepared them breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner as a part of their stay.
I had no issues with Karen during her stay, although there were problems and accidents because of her Mom Dementia. I did overlook the accidents, because her Mom is a little older than mine and my Mom is now suffering from early stage dementia too. I just made sure the house got heavy cleaning on a regular basis.
Karen and her Mom moved in my Airbnb because she was waiting for her house to be built. She booked 2 months and was advised that I have a strict cancellation policy and that there are no refunds in the event she cancels early,
After 1 month of staying with me, Karen notifies me that her house is ready 1 month earlier that she expected. I reminded her through Airbnb again about my cancellation policy of no refunds. She did not respond back. The next day, she informed that she was leaving and that she enjoyed her stay. I told thanks for sharing the space with me and wished her good luck with her new home.
As soon as Karen left, she reached out to Airbnb with a few complaints, even getting my account blocked. She said her privacy was invaded. She said she was locked out and I would not allow her back in the house. I was needlessly surprised by these complaints. She did a review with Airbnb after she left and she gave almost a perfect rating on her stay, however; Airbnb allowed her to do another review after she saw my review and she did a 2nd review and scored her overall stay as 3. How do you allow that to happen is beside me?
Finally, Airbnb ruled in her favor and return almost $700.00 to her account. I feel this was unfair and unjust and I would like to go legal route to resolved. Airbnb do not honor Host policies and will often make these types of decisions with out a fair hearing or evidence.

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