Bank of America Collections Issues

Bank of America Collections Issues

In January 2020 Bank of America placed an erroneous decease notice on my elderly mother’s checking account. The checking account was frozen and Social Security Administration could not deposit direct deposit benefits for six months because Bank of America didn’t clear up the account so SSA could deposit benefits. The erroneous death notice spread to all other institutions including healthcare HMO and union pension. For six months she was without income and had to clean up erroneous death notice. The home mortgage with Bank of America was not paid from February – June without income and Bank of America sold her home mortgage of 30k to a debt collector. The home mortgage has been with Bank of America for thirty years and is almost paid off. My mother has stage four metastatic breast cancer and this experience has been stressful and horrific. Now her mortgage is with a debt collector that has 691 consumer complaints with the BBB. Do you recommend small courts option or an attorney? Thank you

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Buy back the home mortgage from the debt collector. Compensation for inconvenience and pain and suffering added stress.

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