Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

I booked a trip to France for June 2020 in October of 2019. As covid was closing borders our trip was cancelled. On March 17th I cancelled our Airbnb reservation. This was to the amount of $2500. Host said they see it as cancelled but not sure why I didn’t get a refund. This is now within Airbnb extenuating circumstances window of full refund. Calls are made to Airbnb. They say host needs to approve a refund. They call the host. Host replies they are having a hard time financially and have a strict cancellation policy. I call back to Airbnb in April, now they tell me if I would have waited to cancel in April, and not when border of countries close I would have gotten a full refund.
We also cancelled to reservations in Italy in mid March. For both of these reservations we received a full refund.

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