Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

4 days before check in, Melissa insisted she must cancel her reservation. Under the terms of Airbnb’s strict cancellation policy, she isn’t entitled to any refund. Still, I offered my condolences along with a partial refund. Unappreciative and dissatisfied, she grew hostile, made threats, used intimidation, & falsely accused me of discrimination. She was uncooperative and refused to cancel, and I was unable to issue her a 50% refund which she doesn’t even deserve. I told her she was no longer welcome in my home due to her unacceptable, bullying behavior. She spoke to an Airbnb agent at 1 am who messaged me. I replied immediately upon waking up this morning to find that this agent canceled the reservation without my consent, and put the blame on me as a host. As a result, I lost the entire reservation amount, and Airbnb blocked my calendar dates so that I’m unable to recuperate those funds. Major breaches have been committed by this guest as well as by Airbnb, and my basic rights as a host have been violated when I should have been supported by Airbnb according to Airbnb’s own terms.

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At this point, due to the actions by both the guest Melissa and Airbnb, Melissa should be charged the full amount, and I should be paid out the full reservation amount, nothing less.

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