Equifax Bad Customer Support

Equifax Bad Customer Support

I have a long history of this company illegally reporting information my credit reports for over 6 years. They have visibly shown my social security number in various ways on my credit reports showing it in the social security section and listed my social security number as student loan account number on my credit report. This company has also reported wrong addresses on my credit report from 2015-2020. The addresses they were listed on my credit reports where 2400 Hartford Street SE Apt 301 Washington, DC 20020, 3340 22nd Street SE Apt A Washington, DC 20020, & 2549 Elvans Road SE Apt 404 Washington, DC 20020. They have been deleted them and re inserting the addresses on to my credit reports. I have phone conversations with employees of this company where they had practiced unfair practices when I would dispute the information. I provided to them by certified mail. The names of these employers are Kenya, Hallie, and Luv. The dates of these calls about the negligence were 10/9/2019, 10/10/2019, 10/16/2019, & 10/17/2019 and I have the videos of these employers practicing unfair acts. I have a 2 years of this company allowing Furnisher Navy Federal Credit Union to report inaccurate information. From 10/2018 until 5/2020. This company has allowed to modify account column descriptions and account status code descriptions every dispute I done with is illegal.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
A refund and to remove all inaccurate information from credit report for good and to not re insert any accounts. I want to have this all in contract without waiving my rights. Both parties must agree on this contract.

Submitted by: Anonymous in District of Columbia | Read more Equifax complaints

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