Vivint Bad Customer Support

Vivint Bad Customer Support

My name is XXXXXX and I want to share with you this detailed account of the 20-month nightmare I have been living in XXXX, Maryland, with thanks to a company that I warn you to stay as far away from as you can possibly get; Vivint Solar. It is unacceptable that a company not only be permitted to violate the law, but as a result, being the cause of a homeowner the loss of her home.

October 2, 2018 is a date that will forever be burned in my brain. That was the day that Vivint Solar attached 78 solar panels to the roof of my home. It is also the day that the structural integrity of my home was nullified, and my ability to sell my home was a result of that action.

Within a few weeks of the solar panels being attached to my roof, I began calling the local Vivint Solar office to find out when the solar would be turned on. At first, they told me that they had submitted a request to my power company asking that they install the new meter. When I contacted the power company, they informed me that they had had no request for a new meter for my address. Once again, I contacted Vivint, but this time they told me they would double check and ensure that everything was taken care of.

No matter who I talked to at Vivint, I could get no answers; it seemed as if no one knew a thing about anyone or anything, until March 8, 2019, when I received a “cheery” e-mail indicating that there may be a problem with my installation. The promise to contact me was included. My patience was long gone, and I ended up posting a short, but angry, complaint on several sites, Vivint’s included. Within a few days I had a response, a phone call from Julie Walker, the regional representative/manager.

It was during this time period (March 14, 2019) that I was provided with my very own “customer care representative, Brian Raines;” providing me the opportunity to spout off any time I desired. Our “relationship” was short lived though, just a few weeks, until I told him to bugger off on the 10th of April. I had provided him with every piece of information up to that point, and there had been absolutely no progress whatsoever. Mr. Raines appeared to be nothing more than another method to waste my time.

I denied Vivint’s first request that they be allowed to come in and take photos inside my attic. As they had been required to take pictures of the attic interior to accompany the permit request, I told them to track down their copies. They must have found those copies because on 4/26/19 I received a second phone call from Julie Walker who informed me that they were on the hunt for a local contractor that they would pay to take care of the truss supports.

Life was about to get very dicey from this point forward. I was already four months past my deadline to sell my home, which would have provided me a very good chance of adding some funds to my meager retirement account. I informed Ms. Walker that I was fed up with the games Vivint appeared to be playing and that I had no intention of letting anyone associated with Vivint into my home. This was also the second time that I told her that Vivint needed to remove all of the panels from my home, replace my roof, and get lost.

With no way to contact Ms. Walker, since the number she had provided was false, I had no idea what was going on, until I received a voice mail message from her on May 10, 2019 informing me that a contractor, CSI Remodeling in Temple Hills, Maryland, had been found who would come in and install the necessary additional supports needed in my attic.

On July 12, 2019 I received a telephone call from Yalonda Hawkins with CSI Remodeling who inquired as to when it would be convenient for the contractor to come and access what needed to be done in my attic. Nothing was resolved as I asked her to e-mail me a copy of Vivint’s request to them and her response was it was unlikely the owner would do that, since they relied heavily on jobs from Vivint. It was the owner of CSI Remodeling that informed me I would need to obtain a copy from Vivint directly. I denied their request to take stock of the work needing to be done and did not hear from them again.

Let me explain my reasons for denying CSI Remodeling the task. I had checked out their company that had been licensed to conduct business in P.G. County, Maryland for less than seven months. The problem: their experience far outweighed their time in business. This led me to believe that CSI was a new identity for a company that had previously closed its doors and 30m days later, reinvented itself, which is S.O.P. around here.

In mid-afternoon on July 19, 2019, Ms. Walker phoned, highly aggravated that I had not granted CSI Remodeling access to my home and asked me what would happen next. I told her that any confidence I may have had in Vivint had long ago vanished and the fact that a company would so willfully endanger the safety of a person, and who would remove the sanctuary a person relies on their home to provide, was not a company that I would trust or be willing to have any further dealings with. I repeated my demand that Vivint remove all traces of themselves from my roof, etc. etc. She finally told me that she understood and would take care of it.

She “took care of it” alright; on August 2, 2019 I received a letter, a notice of default from Mason Mayne, Sr. Solutions Manager, Risk Management, Vivint Solar. It began with “. . . . you are in default pursuant to Section 5 . . . . Consumer Agreement. . . . . “If you don’t take steps to correct your default within thirty days of this letter’s date, we may enforce our legal remedies . . . . This could include seeking . . . . for the default payment amount, equal to $77,036.80, plus court costs and applicable taxes.” This was the beginning of a continual flow of e-mails between myself, Mason Mayne, and various individuals connected with his “team.”

On August 2, 2019 I sent a letter, with clear attachments, to Governor Hogan, asking for his help in resolving this matter. After all, the solar panels had been paid for under a state funded program. At the close of the letter I indicated that a complete copy had been sent to the Attorney General in Maryland. In early October I received a post card from the AG’s office, informing me that Claudia Dickens had been assigned as the Mediator, in the Consumer Protection Division of the AG’s office.

Mason Mayne, and his cohorts managed to keep Ms. Dickens busy with sporadic snail mails of untruths. Of course, I was also in continual contact with Vivint, via e-mail and a few telephone calls. One such call, on October 18 was from Timbre Jackson, Vivint Solar Elite Operations, who informed me that “Vivint does not have a structural engineer in my area.” Hum, what had happened to the structural engineer with CSI Remodeling? Ms. Jackson then contacted me via e-mail on October 23 with; “ . . . . wanted to reach out to you to discuss the status of your account and a possible resolution. We cannont progress until the structural fix is completed. Per our conversation 10/18 I understand that you feel the solar panels should not have been installed. However, this issue is 100% fixable by simply reinforcing your roof. I understand you are not comfortable with the contractor who was originally over this structural fix. Would you be more comfortable if we were to switch contractors? I have advocated your position to secure a $500 billing credit should you agree to progress.” What an absolute crock

Mason Mayne contacted me via e-mail, introducing himself (as if I didn’t know who he was), on November 7, 2019. It was followed on the 8th, by yet another e-mail from Ms. Jackson, and then on the 12th, having received no cooperation from me, she turned me back over to Mr. Mayne. While all of this was taking place, Tally Koren, Senior Compliance Manager & Paralegal, contact Ms. Dickens and informed her that; “We removed the panels from Ms.Wiggins’ home in order to install support beams in her attic. . . . . has not communicated with us or otherwise allowed us to proceed . . . . so we sent a notice informing her that she was in default . . . . intent of the notice was to get her working and communicating with us again . . . .”

I have every e-mail saved which very clearly provides the IP addresses of the senders and recipients, along with the dates. When Ms. Dickens forwarded a copy of Ms. Koren’s November 11 snail mail of untruths to me, I nearly went ballistic. I told her that no solar panels had been removed, nor had anyone requested to do so. I repeated to her what I had told her previously, Vivint Solar cannot be trusted. Ms. Dickens replied to Vivint on December 5, backed by the copies of e-mail communications between myself and Vivint that I shared with her.

On February 4, 2020 Ms. Dickens told me that Vivint had informed her that we were close to resolving the issue and would be signing an agreement. This so-called agreement was a reaction to my January 14 e-mail to Mason Mayne, and completely detailed letter to David Bywater, CEO, Vivint Solar, on January 21, 2020 where I pointed out that Vivint had knowingly and willfully violated the permit. I had requested a full copy of the permit on the November 23, 2019 and received a full copy on the 24th of December.

On the first page of the permit dated August 13, 2018 I found, “”The analysis performed has indicated that the existing roof will require the following repairs prior to the installation of the photovoltaic array: . . .” as submitted by J. Matthew Walsh, SE, PE, Senior Structural Engineering Manager, Vivint Solar. They knew long before installing the panels that they were violating the permit, yet they chose to go forward with the installation, and from there, to refusing to acknowledge that the entire mess was their responsibility.

Mr. Bywater couldn’t be bothered to respond to my letter; he simply tossed the entire packet to Mason Mayne, probably without bothering to read through it. The last e-mail from Mr. Mayne on February 25, 2020 laid out the details of the agreement and asked me to indicate the amount of financial restitution I was seeking.

Ah ha, financial restitution you say. Yes. I had been in dire need of selling my home, and up to this point the actions of Vivint Solar had denied me that for 16 months. It had taken every cent I had in my IRA to cover the mortgage and other high expenses of upkeep for the home. The month before, I had made my last possible mortgage payment and began waiting for the foreclosure notification. In the meantime, the reply to Mr. Mayne on the 26th of February failed. It came to pass that Mr. Mayne was no longer in the employee of Vivint Solar.

Seven days after Mr. Mayne’s departure I received an introductory e-mail from his replacement, Vivint Solar Solutions Manger, Brandon Vega Quezada. We managed to progress to the point that Mr. Mayne and I had, in addition to Mr. Quezada asking for, and me forwarding to him, three roofing estimates. I believe Mr. Quezada enjoyed telling me that there would be no financial restitution; however, in mid-May when I sent the roofing estimates to him and in turn received notification that his e-mail address was no longer valid, I was delighted to learn that he too had lost his position with Vivint Solar. I can’t help but think that if a solutions manager is ready to present an agreement that in some way will necessitate a financial obligation on the part of Vivint Solar, they can look forward to the loss of their position.

Compliance Supervisor Stefanie Kundakjian of Vivint Solar contacted Claudia Dickens on April 15, 2020 assuring the state that we were in the process of reaching an agreement. I don’t know how that’s possible as no one has stepped forward to assume the role of Mr. Quezada. The Covid-19 protection that helped to delay my foreclosure will end soon and I will be living illegally in a storage locker somewhere, which is pretty much what happens to people that don’t have family.

Stay away from Vivint Solar!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
They can’t even begin to apologize for the health issues this has caused me, nor the financial ruin.
I expect them to remove everything they installed on my roof, and to clean up any debris, including nails/screws.
Additionally, I expect them to pay the roofer of my choice for the complete replacement of the roof currently in place.

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