Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

On November 5, 2017, I bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Vehicles Direct and the loan was through Santander Consumer USA. That same night, we (my mother was driving behind me) dropped off the rental and, while there, the Jeep completely shut down all electrical and would not come back on, so I sent a text to the salesperson, but I did not hear back from him because it was about 1:30am (it was a two and a half hour trip), but then it came back on. The next day, he did text back, but I told him that it came back on, so he told me to let him know if it happens again. The next day, due to a brain condition I have just found out about, my mother went down to pick my eighteen year old daughter up in Atlanta, GA, who’s is about six hours from us. When she had made it there and picked up my daughter, the Jeep went dark and shut down again in the middle of a small highway. She had to be towed to a nearby Jeep dealership and then my very tired mother and daughter were at the dealership all day before finally getting a rental car from the dealership and going to a hotel because it was not resolved yet. I called Santander Consumer USA Funding Department and told them what had been and was still happening and the lady told me that she did not think it should be funded, but we agreed to wait a little before coming to that conclusion, due to the pain it would cost to try to figure out how to get them home. The next day, they waited all day, between my mother and I arguing with Vehicles Direct who were rude and did not want to help at first. I was really concerned my mother and daughter would be stranded in Atlanta or I would have to pay a huge expense of a one-way plane ticket or rental car. My mother called me and Vehicles Direct was now not responding to her and that she found a great priced one-way rental car that she could rent for the week, so we have a vehicle when she gets back also, I called the Funding Department of Santander again and was told that they were not going to fund the loan and to have my mom and daughter leave the Jeep and come home. I verified this a couple more times, to make sure I heard correctly, and she was adamant and said they would not fund a vehicle that already broke down because they do not want the trouble. I told her thank you and said that I was going to be buying another vehicle and would love to work with them, if the company went through them. I then sent my mother the money to rent the vehicle, including deposit, and she left it. Two days later, I went to another local dealership and bought a Navigator, after calling my bank and disputing the deposit I gave Vehicles Direct and getting my money back. On December 1, 2017, I called Santander Funding Department again, because I received a bill and they put me on hold and then came back and told me it was a mistake and they were going to reverse the funding and they are truly sorry. I told him that I understood mistakes happen, just as long as it does not hurt my credit. I received a call and voicemail (saved) from him on Monday, telling me they were still working on it, so I called back and was told the same and that they would contact me as soon as they were finished. I asked for an email verification and was told they do not do that and that they would take care of it. I then mentioned that they were listed on my credit report and was told that it was as a verification for the loan and should not say I am paying a loan. I told her that it said my payment amount in there and that it was a real thing on my credit report. She said they would fix it and and not to worry. I did not hear back from them and in January, I received a call from a creditor from Santander, coming after the payments I hadn’t paid and I told him to leave me alone and then called the Funding Dept at Santander and was told it would not happen again and I told them that they needed to fix this ASAP. She said they would and that was the last time we spoke. My credit is now shot from it. I have recorded conversations with different representatives and a finance manager.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Get it off my credit and compensation for all the time and frustration with cars and home loans that disapproved me because of them. If not for them, my credit score would be so much higher and this impact has cause much pain and suffering as I have struggled to keep my credit perfect and still hit with their loan as if I just don’t pay bills

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