Airbnb Customer Service Lied to Me

Airbnb Customer Service Lied to Me

In May 2020 I canceled my July 2nd, 2020 trip, expecting a 50% refund. This was before the COVID coverage extension through 7/31/20. I didn’t mind the host, Angela, keeping half as per the original agreement. Angela instead agreed to give me $660 (more than half) refund. She’s been very attentive and professional.

When my account was not refunded immediately I asked her and she told me funds would disperse on the original arrival date of 7/2/20. This made no sense.

So I called Airbnb customer service they told me Angela refused to refund any of my money and that she had a legal right to keep it – they were sudden defining “Refund” as 50% of agreed upon contract, not the amount I originally paid.

I found the host contact information outside of the app. She told me it wasn’t true and that she still showed $660 refund approved on her end.

Someone is lying here. Please help!

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