Airbnb Locked My Account

Airbnb Locked My Account

Hi, I was a superhost for air b and b for several years. In the last year I had several guests who I believe fabricated or embellished problems resulting in my not getting paid after air b and b unilatterally cancelled or refunded the guests money. One guest ruined my home and was not charged for the fees to fix the property. Recenly air b and b locked me out of my account and said that I was no longer elibible to use air b and b. I think it might also have something to do with that i have generatged 70,000 anually and they are worried about the class action lawsuits casued by covid 19. I believe that in all of the disputes I ever had the guest alwaus prevailed. air b and b kept money and moved them to a new air b and b locaiton and i was left out in the cold.

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