Netspend Hurt My Credit

Netspend Hurt My Credit

Well I opened a NetSpend /Wells Fargo debit card disputed some unauthorized charges where I recieved letters starting merchant was wrong I was issued the credits but they closed my account without notice or reason,so I got PayPal card went to activate it couldn’t finely I get an operator who explained NetSpend closed my account due to suspicouse acctivety an since netspend is the parent company.paypal cannot over ride there parent operator told me there’s nothing I can do they will not take it off my record I’ve never been accused charged or committed any offense to be treated this way and now it came up again as I’m looking for a debit card to have my SSD deposited to. I Wana sure the bastards defamation slander how who do I talk to

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Pay for damages to my name for the strain stress depresion anxiety frustration humiliation and blatant disrespect false accusations and putting on computers and sharing mutch it’s worth? Max amount allowable by law

Submitted by: Anonymous in Washington | Read more Netspend complaints

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