Airbnb Customer Service Lied to Me

Airbnb Customer Service Lied to Me

To Whom It May Concern:
This was sent to AIRBNB on 7/6/2020 and still no response

My son and I rented a place in Tahoma Ca for his graduation present which we disclosed to the owners of the place right away. My son is a 2020 high school graduate and he has missed out like so many seniors on his graduation, prom, celebrations. I told the owners (Vanessa and Sean) that I only wanted to rent the place until 7/1/2020 (all in writing) but they said I had to rent for a month so I paid close to $12000 for 290 Oak Street in Tahoma.

This is a letter stating very serious facts that occurred at this place in violation of our safety and privacy:

We check in on 6/11. On 6/15 we notice the hot tub had turned GREEN. I took photos and showed the owner. My friend who was with us noted that there was no PH reader which is mandatory for a hot tub and that the tub needed chlorine. This was NEVER communicated to us. I purchased $300 worth of chlorine, ph strips, and alkaline up and down solution and I spent hours correcting the color and ph.

I was in communication most of the time with Sean .

My real-estate agent told me that many owners in Tahoe put cameras in their homes. I was startled to learn this as it was only disclosed that there was one security camera in the front of the stairs. I emailed the owners (all in airbnb communication) asking them if they had cameras in the house. Vanessa wrote me the next day to say NO but there were cameras on the outside. I told her that they only disclosed one camera and asked where the others were. She never answered.

On 7/2 at 11:13 pm I got a call from Vanessa (which I saved) saying that a neighbor had filed a noise complaint and called the police . She said the neighbor video’d 30 underage people drinking. I was shocked to hear this as I had just left the place to visit my friend in Truckee who was going into labor. My cousin who is 35 stayed with the boys and was down stairs. I called her and my son and they confirmed there were about 15 people in the house and all had left by 11:30 and the house was quiet. I got back at 12:30am and the house was quiet. The host knew about this graduation celebration.

I had communicated to AIRBNB since 11:15pm on 7/2 all the way up to today when I STILL have not received a call from safety or a case manager. (AIRNBNB continues to not come through on it’s calls. I have all the transcripts between me and AIRBNB

On 7/3 we met 12 neighbors, all the neighbors that surround the house and no one said we were loud. No one called the police . And no one took a video (which would have been impossible as the main room is second story and no one had a house nearby that could have been on a second floor looking in.

We contacted the sheriff (varela) on 7/3 around 4:30pm and he said no report had been filed.

This lead me to believe that the owner was lying to us about her video. I wrote her repeatedly asking her to work with us and the only time I heard back was on 7/3 saying we had 24 /hours to get out. I asked her to send me the video and she said she sent it to airbnb and the . but to date, neither airbnb nor the authorities have the video.

We noticed that she made the house available at a price of $600 a night starting 7/4 and we feel she did this intentionally . I called the sherif to come to a full report on 7/4 and he arrived at 9:30am and had a comer and recording on during the entire time. He said repeatedly that the owners were violation VHR rules and also he assumed had cameras on the trees pointing into the house which he said was illegal for them not disclosing this.

We had women without tops on in the hot tub (my friends) because we assumed it was private.

We are going to file a lawsuit against the owners but because they used AIRBNB for rental income we want a full refund from Airbnb as you did not protect us from prying owners.

In one text Sean wanted to come to the house and see how the hot tub was. I thought this strange.

We were violated and these owners should be shut down.

Please give us a full refund. We were put out and threatened and video’d !!!!

We found out the deputy had covid from his sergeant which means we all have to be tested now AND the house is unsafe and yet is being rented out still. Airbnb refuses to acknowledge this.

Police report number :

We are owed a full refund of $11981
Vanessa Bryant needs to pay YOU airbnb. She violated your policy, our freedom and caused us a ton of harm .

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Prevent 290 oak from renting to guests again, give us a copy of the so called video they have.

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