Airbnb Locked My Account

Airbnb Locked My Account

On Tuesday July 14,2020 I Saul Sabino a long time client/host/guest of Airbnb booked a reservation for July 15, to July 21 , 2020 with the last bit of my funds totalling to $225. The host accept it my reservation and I was charged around 5pm that Tuesday, please keep in mind that I am a long time client/host/ guest of Airbnb if I recall since 2013. Then Airbnb out of no where with short notice canceled my reserved booking that was already Charged to my debit card (keep in my the last of my funds till my next pay period which is the following Tuesday). Airbnb sent me a email stating that due to my consumer report background check they have decided to deactivate my account completely and refund me my money in 5 business days causing me extreme hardship due to the fact that I am currently homeless and use Airbnb so I can have a roof over my head till I find an reasonable apartment to live in. All this due to a consumer report background check for something that happened over 13 years ago when I became an exfelon. My question is why didn’t they deactivate my account years ago when I first became a member or why was I allowed to host all those people I hosted before from my Airbnb account with no issues or complaints or safety concerns why choose now to do something so heidious to me a man who is trying his hardest to live as civilize citizen to his community by being the change reformed man I now am and not living base on my past disability of crime. I know am being discriminate against and also forced to suffer for the next 5 days in the streets because Airbnb decided to not return my money the same day therefore I request $15,000. For pain and suffering, mental anguish and for being discriminate against by Airbnb due to my past disability of criminal record I posed. Thank you for your time have a blessed day

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Plus pay me $16,000. For pain suffering, mental anguish, and discrimination against my disability of past criminal history plus anxiety all this is causing me

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